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Fuse Box Switch Up Or Down - Did you pop the switch up and check for power and found no power to the purple wire to the switch? Also the ign 3 fuse in the inside fuse box needs to checked also thats the power side for the power window relay trigger.. Sooner or later nearly everyone is going to have to know how to replace a blown fuse in a fuse box - fuses don't last forever and overloads or electrical shorts are always possible with the result always being that changing a fuse is required.. Windows wil not go up or down have power in the fuse box under the hood but no power at the door what do I check now is there another fuses box -.

Additional information: Check your switchboard. The RCD switch should be in the up position. Check to make sure it is in fact an RCD and not just a circuit breaker which simply acts like a fuse.. The up/down control circuit on the control box should be fairly low amperage (your model probably calls for a 3-Amp fuse) so 14-16 AWG wire (1.5-2mm) should be big enough, and it’s odd that only the ground wire gets hot. As every electrical instructional begins, “ensure that all connections are clean and secure” so I’d disassemble all the connections and scrub them with a wire brush. Hi all, My dash light tells me the rear spoiler did not go up. I have bought a service manual on CD and have learned the following: The spoiler goes up and down with the.

It is not likely that a fuse or relay will cause a single window to not roll up or down. More likely, the power window motor, door switch or window regulator has failed. Looking for symptoms helps guide us to the most likely cause.. Switch loop through (the circuit connects to each switch in turn, and a separate cable goes from the switch to each lamp) Junction box loop in, where the termination and feed connection are done at junction boxes, and cables run to switches and lamps from there.. At this point, if you've narrowed the fault down to some electrical problem that's not as simple as a blown fuse you need to round up a schematic of your car's electrical system and a voltmeter or.

The box just means it can handle up to 60 amps and the fuse determines what the protection is. So long as the fuse is proper fitting and below the 60 amp rating, it should be fine but not more than 60..

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